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Meet us at EUHA 2022

Find Earfab at booth 303A

Earfab partners with Hearbles3D to become first to mass-produce custom made in-ear products in unique and fully scalable production setup. Earfab CEO Jesper Winther Andersen and CTO Søren Andersen will attend EUHA 2022 at Hearables3D’s booth 303A to discuss the opportunities of Earfab’s fully scalable and distributed manufacturing setup combined with smartphone 3D scanning which now allows customers to order their in-ear products regardless of location.

Earfab has developed a unique and fully automated production setup that will be able to produce thousands of in-ear products pr. week without human interaction. This will give Earfab the opportunity to produce custom fitted ear tips for:

- Hearing protection
- IEM’s
 - Communication equipment

Earfab's production technology can also be used for production of ear tips for hearing aid products.  

Visit us at booth 303A and learn more!


Jesper Winther Andersen
CEO / Earfab

Søren Andersen
CTO / Earfab

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We always focus on 100% customer satisfaction. We are happy when you are happy.

Return policy

As standard, you do not have a 'right to return' for custom made products. At earfab you can purchase a guarantee and get a 60-day return policy.

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Our standard delivery time is 5-7 business days on all our custom made products.