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Visit our order guide in the main menu. We have prepared a video that helps you through the entire ordering process, so you can easily order your product.
Contact someone you know and let them scan your ears. Just follow the instructions in the earfabSCAN app. Please also see our ‘how to order’ video in the order guide which you will find in the main menu.
To be able to download the earfabSCAN app and order one of earfab's products, you need an Iphone in the iPhone X series, iPhone 11 series or iPhone 12 series. This is because our 3D scanning technology is built around the face camera of these phones. We will soon launch for iPhone 13 series, iPhone 14 series and Android users.
You can advantageously contact someone you know who may have an iPhone from the iPhone X series, iPhone 11 series and iPhone 12 series. If you do not know anyone who has one of these models, you are always welcome to contact earfab. Then we will find a solution together.
Unfortunately, Android users are not able to use the earfabSCAN app (yet). Contact someone you know who has an iPhone from the iPhone X series, iPhone 11 series or iPhone 12 series or contact us. Then we will find a solution together.
The standard delivery time at earfab is 5 - 7 working days. Delivery time may vary based on order sizes as earfab products is not on-demand products.

If your scans do not upload for some reason, try the following: 

1) Check if you have a stable connection to the Internet (Try to use wifi connection during 3D scanning)

2) Restart the app and try scanning again

Feel free to contact us if you still experience upload errors.

All Earfab products are hypoallergenic and biocompatible. We produce only from the medical-approved material (TPE).

Customer satisfaction

We always focus on 100% customer satisfaction. We are happy when you are happy.

Return policy

As standard, you do not have a 'right to return' for custom made products. At earfab you can purchase a guarantee and get a 60-day return policy.

Fast delivery

We usually ship your custom-made in-ear product within 5 working days.