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About earfab

Earfab er en pionervirksomhed på en rejse mod at udvikle det perfekte til dine ører.

Earfab was launched in August 2020, and has developed earfabSCAN app and associated production technology. Today we offer a solution where the end customer can order their custom-made in-ear products regardless of location. We ship your custom-made in-ear products within 5 working days and deliver all over the world.

All earfab products are local manufactured, via an interconnected distributed manufacturing network, which bring down CO2 emissions.


The time of technology

At a time where technology is advancing and it can seem difficult for many to keep up in R&D departments, we at earfab are always keeping an eye on new trends in the market, for the production of custom made in-ear protection, communication equipment and in-ear monitors. The logistical problem of physical ear impressions, restricts access to the broad market. Earfab has developed the solution by digitalizing the process so customers can order their custom-made in-ear products, no matter where they are.

Jesper Winther Andersen
CEO & Stifter

Values of purchasing an earfab product

Minimize risk of hearing loss

Giver kunden bedre lydoplevelse og klar kommunikation 

Ensures a better working environment

Sikrer perfekt pasform igennem 3D scan fra earfabSCAN app 

Sikrer bedre hvile og søvn 

Du kan bestille dit produkt uanset lokation 

Minimerer risiko for Swimmers Ear (øregangsbetændelse) 

Customer satisfaction

We always focus on 100% customer satisfaction. We are happy when you are happy.

Return policy

As standard, you do not have a 'right to return' for custom made products. At earfab you can purchase a guarantee and get a 60-day return policy.

Fast delivery

We usually ship your custom-made in-ear product within 5 working days.